CSI Standards

Definition of objectives

  • The definition of the mission, vision, and pedagogical objectives is clear and consistent with CSI’s values.
  • The mission and educational objectives are related to the promotion of multiculturalism.

Teaching and Learning

  • The curricula promote eco-citizenship and multilingualism.
  • The curricula meet CSI standards.
  • Recruited teachers have adequate training and experience to provide quality education.
  • The institution undertakes to promote continuing education, within the limits of the existing possibilities.
  • Student assessment processes are clearly established and explained to families.
  • Students with special needs receive required pedagogical support.

Governance and Management

  • The institution’s management entity and leadership comply with the laws of the host country and act in an ethical manner.
  • The institution head has the required training and experience for the position.
  • The managing entity and the institution head shall work closely together to ensure the proper running of the institution.
  • The staff assessment policy is clearly defined.

Operational Management

  • The institution’s finance is managed responsibly in order to ensure proper running and viability of the institution
  • The institution complies with the host country tax laws